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Tokyo By Night; 14 Stunning Pictures Taken By Masashi Wakui

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These magical night photography of Tokyo’s streets were taken by Masashi Wakui, a talented and self-taught Japanese photographer who has expertly managed to capture Tokyo in all of its nocturnal and neon splendor. Navigating the winding backstreets and alleyways of Shibuya, Shinjyuku and other streets, Masashi Wakui creates a surreal atmosphere with his kaleidoscopic portrayal of Tokyo by night. He uses high-performance compact cameras and then alters the colors in order to create a vivid and magical quality to scenes of everyday life in the city.

Tokyo 1

Tokyo 2
Tokyo 3
Tokyo 4
Tokyo 5
Tokyo 6
Tokyo 7
Tokyo 8
Tokyo 9
Tokyo 10
Tokyo 14
Tokyo 11
Tokyo 12
Tokyo 13

These pictures above will prove that Tokyo is best viewed at night and will make you want to dust off your camera and catch the next plane to Tokyo, If not you are abnormal !

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