The North Korean leader was seen playing on his smartphone on the metro in Chicago! Well, actually a Kim Jong Un impersonator


Just two days ago, the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was spotted playing on his smartphone by a commuter on the train in Chicago.

the Chicago commuters stunned to see North Korean supreme leader riding the metro with his trapezoid-shaped haircut and the same black suit. Well, at least someone who really looks like the real dictator does.

The Kimpersonator Minyong Kim (a.k.a. Dragon) is actually a South korean student at the University of Illinois who gets plenty of attention from passersby while impersonating one of the most famous and codger leaders in the world, Kim Jong Un.

‘They ask, “how is it possible to be in the States?” I say I have double citizenship. They say, “why do you come to United States?” I say I want to put capitalism in North Korea, to change our economy like China did’ the Kimpersonator said.

North-Korean-leader-metro-Chicago-Kim-Jong-Un-impersonator_2 North-Korean-leader-metro-Chicago-Kim-Jong-Un-impersonator_3 North-Korean-leader-metro-Chicago-Kim-Jong-Un-impersonator_4

Minyong Kim and the Barack Obama impersonator Reggie Brown sing a live duet Enuri

Via: Imgur , News Gazette

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