Stephanie Kurlow, the Australian school girl who dreams of becoming the 1st Muslim hijabi ballerina in the world


Stephanie Kurlow has dreamed becoming a professional ballerina since she was a toddler. in 2010, her family (Australian father, Russian mother and two brothers) converted to Islam, then the little girl stopped dancing because she thought wearing a hijab would stop her from being professional ballerina and practicing her religion would give her no chance to find a school where she can wear a hijab.

but now the Muslim schoolgirl has started a fundraising campaign on LaunchGood so she can train full time at a professional ballet school.

Inspired by Noor Tagouri, the first American news anchor to wear a hijab, Stephanie hopes to raise $10,000 to pay for a year’s tuition to a top ballet school and to prove that Islam doesn’t have to be a barrier to becoming the FIRST professional muslim ballerina in the world.

‘I want to encourage everyone to join together no matter what faith, race or colour. To bring harmony and a world of acceptance for future generations. YOU can help me achieve this dream.’ Stephanie said

Via Launchgood , Mailonline




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