Snowboarding Photography: The Highs and Lows

snowboarding photography

snowboarding photography

There has been an increase in interest for snowboarding photography in the recent years. Action sports photographers are always in the look-out for new challenges. And snowboarding photography is one of these highly exciting and fulfilling challenges. Not only because engaging in snowboarding photography can become a fun hobby, but can also turn into a very lucrative profession. A lot of sports magazines and sports blogs scout for good snowboarding photos. Therefore, one can not only enjoy snowboarding photography as a hobby but also engage in it for some decent remuneration.

The key to taking great pictures is getting well-acquainted first with one’s subject. And in snowboarding photography one’s subject is not just the snowboard rider, but also the slopes or the location. Thus, it is highly suggested that before trying to get into snowboarding photography, one should know the snowboarding sport by heart. It is good to research on what is the best camera and lens to use for snowboarding photography. One may need to invest in some fixed focal length lenses but this can be expensive.

The best camera and lenses for snowboarding photography

So if one is scrimping, one can find these lenses for rent too. One may also opt to bring some lighting fixtures such as a light stand and a reflector. But lighting gears are not a prerequisite in snowboarding photography. What is essential though is to have a camera that has a great focus and is able to do sequence shots. Batteries may easily die due to extreme cold and the best way to keep the life of your battery longer is not to expose it to the cold weather. One can keep the batteries close to the body, such as inside one’s pockets while it is not in use. Once those are taken care of, the next goal to be able to be competent in snowboarding photography is to get to know some snowboard riders.

Getting to know some snowboard riders is essential when one has just delved in snowboarding photography. In order to practice great shots, one has practice it with a rider. And the key to a great shot is to have a certain level of communication with one’s subject. In snowboard photography, knowing when to capture the moment is important. And this can be easier if one has agreed with the snowboard rider at what point the shots will be taken. Even during the actual snowboarding itself, some sort of non-verbal communication with the rider can be helpful too.

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