Shocking Moment pregnant sand tiger shark attacks Durban scuba diver in front of tourists


This scary footage shows a pregnant sand tiger shark attacks a scuba diver who tries to assist and tranquilize the predator at an aquarium in Durban, South Africa.

The video captures the sand tiger shark appears to feel threatened by the two men who swim around her, and savagely attacks one of them and lunges at him with its great teeth causing him to run red.

Via : Youtube , Yahoo

sand-tiger-shark-Durban-scuba-diver_1 sand-tiger-shark-Durban-scuba-diver_2 sand-tiger-shark-Durban-scuba-diver_3 sand-tiger-shark-Durban-scuba-diver_4 sand-tiger-shark-Durban-scuba-diver_5

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