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Welcome To China ! 36 Funny Products Made In China That Don’t Care About Trademarks

Dolce & BananaBinbowsMikeRed LabialSpecialmanDiversifying In To New Sectors, I …

10 Of The Most Bling, Beautiful & Downright Expensive Hotel Rooms In The World

As the age of the oligarch becomes more and more entrenched, so the price of hotel rooms soar. For the price of a down payment on a home, you can …

14 Funny Illustrations Of Tiny Adventures Of Everyday Objects

Salim Zerrouki studied at the Fine Art School of Algiers. His passion lead him to pursue a career as an art director in various advertising agencies …

10 Of The Most Dangerous Places That You Should Risk Your Life To Visit

If you have a dead heart, and your have a good life insurance, then you should visit these 10 dangerous places! Write a comment, and tell us if you …

Editor choice 10 Of The Most Dangerous Places That You Should Risk Your Life To Visit

10 Funny Illustrations Show Why You Should Stay Single

There are two kinds of men – one who is free and enjoying the freedom of being single and others who are held in the clutches of a relationship.We …

Surreal & Emotive Self-Portraits by Josephine Cardin

For more visit: Josephine Cardin    

Funny & Lazy Animals Hitching Rides on other Animals

 Source : Pluplastic    

Meet Rock and Roar, the living cousins of the extinct Moroccan Barbary lion

What were lions doing at the Tower of London?In recent years, excavation of the moat surrounding the Tower of London revealed two skulls. The …

Surreal Steampunk Creature Sculptures Using Recycled Metal Pieces By Hasan Novrozi

More info: Facebook (h/t: kevlaryarmulke) / Facebook

Magnificent Nature & landscape Photography by the Alaskan Photographer Joe Azure

Joe Azure is a native photographer from the town of Sitka, Alaska. Currently based in San Francisco, the artist essentially draws his inspiration …

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