New Kenworth T270

New Kenworth T270The new Kenworth T270 represents value, reliability, and quality at its finest. Designed to last, the T270 rests upon the famous Kenworth rugged chassis, and the new Kenworth T270 definitely lives up to its heritage. Driving pleasing comfort and aerodynamic styling are two of its mainstays, and its contemporary cab design is crafted with the sole purpose of boosting driver retention and productivity. Unlike its competition, the 2016 T270 offers single point daily maintenance. With ready access to all service points, the new Kenworth T270 was specifically engineered to stay on the road all day, every day.

Under the hood, the new Kenworth T270 is available with two different engine options: the PACCAR PX-7 or the PACCAR PX-9. The standard 2016 T270 comes equipped with the PX-7 engine, which is rated up to 750 lb-ft of torque and 325 horsepower. Drivers have the option of upgrading to the PX-9, which offers 1,150 lb-ft of torque and up to 350 hp. Currently, the PX-7 offers the highest weight to horsepower ratio of any engine in the trucking industry.

The optional PX-9, with its 1,150 lb-ft of torque, is the best option for trucks who will routinely be engaging in heavy applications. Each engine option offers extended service intervals, the most advanced technologies in fuel efficiency, and reliability that will offer a driver complete peace of mind each time they take to the road. The hood of the new Kenworth T270 tilts a complete 90 degrees to offer unhindered access to all service points and the engine itself, which makes it a favorite among fleets.

The T270’s automatic brake system was designed by Bendix and are crafted in the air style. Created by Reyco, the rear suspension is capable of handling up to 20,000 lbs of torque. The front and rear axles, manufactured by Dana Spicer, are capable of handling up to 10,000 and 21,000 pounds of torque respectively. The classic Kenworth chassis is crafted from 10 and 5/8th steel, which has been heat treated to ensure absolute sturdiness. Kenworth offers a number of optional upgrades for the brakes, axles, and chassis, which ensure that a buyer will be able to choose a T270 model that meets each one of their unique needs.

The cab of the new Kenworth T270 has been built from a patented blend of composite and aluminum. The trademark sloped aerodynamic hood of the 2016 T270 was designed with aesthetics and fuel efficiency in mind. Standard features of the T270’s recently reconfigured cab include aerodynamic roof fairings, a workstation between the seats, walnut wood dash panels, electric windows, power door locks, a 2-person bench seat, and the Kenworth Air Cushion Plus Intermediate Back Driver Seat – amongst many other features. A number of optional cab upgrades, such as a backup alarm and aerodynamic heated mirrors, are also available.

To learn more about what the new Kenworth T270 has to offer, contact your nearest dealer today. This versatile workhorse is guaranteed to produce results, so check it out today.


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