Meet Aspen, the four-year-old Golden Retriever who loves hiking and kayaking through North America

Hunter Lawrence, 24, has captured incredible photos with his Golden Retriever that showing the beauty of USA and Canada.

The young phtographer used his four-legged friend Aspen as a model in his photo-shoots while hiking through North America.

The silky Aspen, who has travelled with his adventurous owners to different states around North America, knows very well how to pose perfectly in front of a backdrop of snowy mountains and shimmering lakes.

The adventure-loving pet dog has tens of thousands of followers on the internet and becomes an instagram sensation.

Golden-Retriever-Aspen-hiking-kayaking-North-America_1 Golden-Retriever-Aspen-hiking-kayaking-North-America_2 Golden-Retriever-Aspen-hiking-kayaking-North-America_3 Golden-Retriever-Aspen-hiking-kayaking-North-America_4 Golden-Retriever-Aspen-hiking-kayaking-North-America_5 Golden-Retriever-Aspen-hiking-kayaking-North-America_10 Golden-Retriever-Aspen-hiking-kayaking-North-America_9 Golden-Retriever-Aspen-hiking-kayaking-North-America_8 Golden-Retriever-Aspen-hiking-kayaking-North-America_7 Golden-Retriever-Aspen-hiking-kayaking-North-America_11


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