JK Brown turns scrap metal into these beautiful animal sculptures

JK Brown, an artist from wales, brought to life these inspirational animal sculptures by reassembling and turning scrap metal into monuments to the natural world around us. “I find that my own process of reversing this fragmentation is, for me, a calming antidote to the madness of endless consumption” JK Brown writes on boredpanda.

JK-Brown-scrap-metal-animal-sculptures_1 JK-Brown-scrap-metal-animal-sculptures_2 JK-Brown-scrap-metal-animal-sculptures_3 JK-Brown-scrap-metal-animal-sculptures_4 JK-Brown-scrap-metal-animal-sculptures_5 JK-Brown-scrap-metal-animal-sculptures_6 JK-Brown-scrap-metal-animal-sculptures_7 JK-Brown-scrap-metal-animal-sculptures_8 JK-Brown-scrap-metal-animal-sculptures_9 JK-Brown-scrap-metal-animal-sculptures_10 JK-Brown-scrap-metal-animal-sculptures_11 JK-Brown-scrap-metal-animal-sculptures_12 JK-Brown-scrap-metal-animal-sculptures_13

Via: Facebook , boredpanda

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