“Filfury” turns his sneakers into whimsical and dynamic animal sculptures

“a battle of pop culture vs nature”, is the describtion that British artist Phil Robson, aka “Filfury” has used to speak about his latest work.

“Filfury” has shaped dynamic animal sculptures using different sneaker parts and other materials like Casio watches and electronics like stereo parts.

the major companies Reebok and Nike take notice of Phil’s talents and they had sent him recognition to design imaginative works for their campaigns.

Filfury-sneakers-dynamic-animal-sculptures_1 Filfury-sneakers-dynamic-animal-sculptures_2 Filfury-sneakers-dynamic-animal-sculptures_3 Filfury-sneakers-dynamic-animal-sculptures_4 Filfury-sneakers-dynamic-animal-sculptures_5 Filfury-sneakers-dynamic-animal-sculptures_6 Filfury-sneakers-dynamic-animal-sculptures_7 Filfury-sneakers-dynamic-animal-sculptures_8 Filfury-sneakers-dynamic-animal-sculptures_9 Filfury-sneakers-dynamic-animal-sculptures_10 Filfury-sneakers-dynamic-animal-sculptures_11 Filfury-sneakers-dynamic-animal-sculptures_12 Filfury-sneakers-dynamic-animal-sculptures_13

Via: Filfury.comHifructose

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