Cristiano Ronaldo with his little lad at documentary film premiere in London


  • Cristiano Ronaldo met up with his friends and former managers at Leicester Square for the premiere of his new documentary film ‘Ronaldo’ on Monday evening.
  • The footballing icon was accompanied by his mother Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro and his little lad who ended up stealing the show.
  • The ‘most liked person on Facebook in the world’ believes the film is about showing fans who Ronaldo really is , because it’s not fictitious or manipulated.

Cristiano-Ronaldo-documentary-film-premiere-London_1 Cristiano-Ronaldo-documentary-film-premiere-London_2 Cristiano-Ronaldo-documentary-film-premiere-London_3 Cristiano-Ronaldo-documentary-film-premiere-London_4 Cristiano-Ronaldo-documentary-film-premiere-London_5 Cristiano-Ronaldo-documentary-film-premiere-London_6 Cristiano-Ronaldo-documentary-film-premiere-London_7 Cristiano-Ronaldo-documentary-film-premiere-London_8 Cristiano-Ronaldo-documentary-film-premiere-London_9 Cristiano-Ronaldo-documentary-film-premiere-London_10

Via: Mirror

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