24 Beautiful And Colorful Snakes To Celebrate The National Serpent Day

14 Beautiful And Colorful Snakes To Celebrate The National Serpent Day


Across religions and cultures, the snake has been used as a symbol of fertility, medicine, evil and much more. National Serpent Day, always celebrated on February 1st.

Around the world there are over 3,000 species of snakes. The world’s smallest snake is the Barbados threadsnake. This serpent is smaller than a night crawler at about 4 inches.

In comparison, the longest snake is the reticulated python and the heaviest is the green anaconda.



  • Their upper and lower jaw separate to allow snakes to consume prey up to three times larger than the diameter of their head.
  • 87,5 %  of the known species are not venomous.
  • Most snakes are nocturnal.
  • Snakes eat their prey whole.
  • Snakes are ectotherms or cold blooded and have to sun themselves to regulate their body temperatures.
  • Snake tongue is used to smell their air.
  • From anti-tumor treatments to antibacterial properties snake venom has been studied for medical purposes for many years.
  • While most snakes lay eggs, some give live birth.

To celebrate The National Serpent Day differently this year, and to make you change your opinion about snakes, we found you this list of the most beautiful and colorful snakes from around  the world.

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