An artist celebrates the World Origami Days by making this full-size paper replica of the Nissan Juke


The British origami artist Owen Gildersleeve has Made a full-size Nissan Juke model using folded pieces of paper.

More than 2000 pieces of paper folded and +200 hours, that was all he needed to create this amazing full size paper replica of the yellow Juke.

The origami artist unveils his project in celebration of the yearly World Origami Days which are between October 24 and November 11.

Origami-paper-Nissan-Juke_1 Origami-paper-Nissan-Juke_3 Origami-paper-Nissan-Juke_4

Origami-paper-Nissan-Juke_5 Origami-paper-Nissan-Juke_6 Origami-paper-Nissan-Juke_7 Origami-paper-Nissan-Juke_9

Via: Car and Driver

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