A French designer creates ‘Pleated Inflation’, a colorful amphitheater made of perforated metal shingles


MARC FORNES is a New York-based designer who had just completed “Pleated Inflation”, a permanent informal amphitheater for the French school “Lycée Christian Bourquin” in Argelès-sur-Mer.

this geometrically complex outdoor installation is a colorful permanent amphitheater made of aluminum shingles using computational design and digital fabrication.

“The design was developed through custom computational protocols of structural form-finding, descriptive geometry, and stress flow­-driven porosity,” said the designer

Pleated-Inflation-amphitheater-perforated-metal-shingles_00 Pleated-Inflation-amphitheater-perforated-metal-shingles_2 Pleated-Inflation-amphitheater-perforated-metal-shingles_3 Pleated-Inflation-amphitheater-perforated-metal-shingles_4 Pleated-Inflation-amphitheater-perforated-metal-shingles_6 Pleated-Inflation-amphitheater-perforated-metal-shingles_7 Pleated-Inflation-amphitheater-perforated-metal-shingles_8

Via : Dezeen

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