7 Easy Crafts Ideas to DIY with Your Kids

7 Easy Crafts Ideas to DIY with Your KidsHelp little ones to surprise their moms with some amazing gift.Parents are surely going to be proud of them. Here some easy ideas that any kid can make to gift his/her parent:

Read more, and try it out with your little one:

1.    Bath Bomb

Since it is beginning of the year, gift something very soothing and refreshing to parents.Kids made bath bomb is a simple and quickest gift to make. All you need for this is:

  •            Baking soda
  •            Cream tartar
  •            Olive oil or plain oil
  •             Food color
  •             Essential oil
  •             Dried lavender
  •            Water spray bottle
  •             Ice cube tray

With this easy available ingredient a rejuvenating, bath bomb can be made by kids for their parents. Mix all the ingredients and set them in an Ice Cube tray to get a shape. You can give any shape to the soap cube that I all up to you.The Heart shape bath bomb would be a good choice though!

2.    Juggling Balls

This one is a big achievement for kids. Make juggling balls of the same size and have fun around it. To make your own juggling balls you need:

  •           x9 balloons (make  balls)
  •           Lentils (dry, of course!)
  •           Scissors
  •           A cup of tea

Take colorful balloons; fill in equal amount of lentils in it. Each ball should have equal quantity so that all of them are equal in size. With the help of funnel fill in the lentils in balloons, this becomes easy for kids to make them. Tie the ends of the balloon and you are done with your first ball. So make same in other colors and you will have lovely juggling balls.

3.    Homemade Bookmarks

If your mom loves reading, bookmarks are the best gift you can send her. Kids too can make some cute bookmarks with these simple ideas. Here is one for you, to make them you just need a simple ice cream stick, colors and some DIY decorative.

Color the stick of ice cream with some pains, it cannot be very fine. Ask little ones to paint it in any way, shabby colors too will look cute on it. Use some lovely hanging decorative or colorful threads and make a cute bookmark for your mom.

4.    Chocolate cherry Cookies box

Until you don’t taste anything! Here is what little ones can treat their mom with these delicious kids made gift idea.

  •          2/3 cups flour
  •          1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
  •          1/2 teaspoon salt
  •          1 cup quick oats
  •          1 cup dried cherries
  •          1 cup white chocolate chips
  •          1/2 cup packed brown sugar
  •          1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

Make two mixtures, one of all flours and another of all dipping and toppings. Now fill the mix in jar one layer after another. And simply decorate the jar with ribbon tied on the top open. This will make a beautiful and tasty chocolate cookies and cherry box. You can also deliver cookie bouquets.


5.    Scented Candle Gift Box

Simply make a scented candle with available candle making kit in tore. There are many ways you can make, but the simplest way to get little ones ease their task, a kit is perfect. It includes all the needed equipments and material.

 6.    Homemade gifts Wrapping

Create a special gift wrap paper with little ones hand prints or colorful spray on it. This will make it a perfect personalized gift wrap for any gift you would wish to send. Get creative with real flowers that can be used to make as personalized gift wrap.


7.    3D Heart Balloons Cards

A lovely colorful and sparking sticky tape eases the whole process and you can simply make a 3D heart. Check out some online tutorials or make it easier with some beautiful idea. 

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